Legal Counseling

Legal Counseling

Andrew Belofsky is an attorney and has been counseling clients on corporate structuring


Specialize in Corporate Law, Trademark, Copywrite, Patent, CBD & Cannabis Regulations, Labor and Employment.



Representative Counseling Matters


  1.  Hardware Development Company
  2.  Financial Trading Outfit
  3.  Private Equity Firm
  4.  Multi-Media Company
  5.  Specialty Insurance Corporation
  6.  Defense Contractor
  7.  CBD & Marijuana Law


Representative Litigation Matters


  1. Technology Hardware Company
  2. Technology Company
  3. Defense Consulting Agency
  4. Resale Supplier
  5. Small Business
  6. Software Company


Representative Arbitration Matters


  1. Security Staffing Agency
  2. Construction Project
  3. Small Business

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Legal Counseling

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