Event & Speaker Planning

Event & Speaker Planning

We make it happen when it comes to your events, speaking engagements, and special projects


Jeannette Davidson has been known as the “Queen of Make It Happen.” From sales, to events, to speaker management she has made a lot happen! Jeannette has served in top level sales positions over the last 25 years, during which she hit record-breaking sales quotas, increased sales in every job, and honed her passion for building strong, meaningful relationships with individual clients and other businesses. Later in her career, her sales began to involve developing and delivering engaging and unique team-building programs and coordinating events/conferences for individuals, executive teams, and companies. She also served on the Board of Directors for Meeting Professionals International Washington State Chapter (MPIWSC) for eight years, culminating in her role as President.


Services we offer our clients


Event Experts


We’ve got your event covered from logistics to learning. We are passionate about the events industry, education that supports professional and personal growth, and all that pushes us to ask powerful questions, shift perspectives, and make meaningful connections with one another.


Speaker Specialists


We manage a range of speakers, from new speakers to established, award winning powerhouses. Learn the wide range of services we provide for speakers and see if you qualify to be represented.


Project Partners


Maybe you’re short staffed or short on time. Or you’ve got a project that’s above the capabilities or pay grade of your current employees. Talk to us about how we can take tasks off of your plate and load them up on ours. We’re hungry!

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Event & Speaker Planning

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