Cannabis Business Startup & Licensing

Cannabis Business Startup & Licensing

Starting a business is a challenging endeavor, especially in the developing cannabis


Starting a business is a challenging endeavor, especially in the newly developing cannabis market. State, county, and city regulations vary throughout the states of Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Maryland, Illinois, Nevada, and Arizona and more to come which are complicating compliancy for new business owners. Navigating the business licensing process is made increasingly elaborate by the WSLCB and CMED. Sourcing the proper equipment and products for your startup can prove to be complex.

Operation By champion has the expertise and experience to help ensure your business launches with confidence, and can guide you back on course if you’ve found your business deviating from your goals. Some of our expert services include:


  1. Cannabis Business Startup and Licensing
  2. Cannabis Business Location Selection
  3. Cannabis Farming and Processing Operations Design, Buildout and Maintenance
  4. Cannabis Retail Facility Design, Buildout and Maintenance
  5. HR and Management Development
  6. Continuity HR Services

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Cannabis Business Startup & Licensing

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